HeadSet Gembird MHS-EP-002 Bl

Šifra: MHS-EP-002
  • Proizvod iz grupe: Slušalice
  • Proizvođač: Gembird
Maloprodajna cena: 599,00 rsd.
Akcijska cena: 509,00 rsd.
Popust: 90,00 rsd.

Stylish metal design
Practical volume control and microphone
Perfect for mobile phones and tablets
Designed for pure music pleasure! The ear cushions are very soft and fit perfectly in your ears to create a great sound experience. With very little pressure on the ears, you can use these earphones comfortably for long periods. These earphones match perfectly with your modern lifestyle and are the ideal companion to your mobile phone, tablet or any other music player.

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HeadSet Gembird CHS-002 B