Podloga za miša Media Tech Cobra pro

Šifra: MT260
Maloprodajna cena: 799,00 rsd.
Akcijska cena: 559,00 rsd.
Popust: 240,00 rsd.

Mousepad for gamers
Enlarged for optimal gaming – best for FPP&RTS games
Durable, embroidered edges
Designed for hi-res laser and optical mouses
Good adhesiveness to table

Media-Tech presents a mousepad from the series of gaming accessories COBRA PROMOUSEPAD MT260 is dedicated to all gamers.

High quality
The mousepad is made from special anti-slip, rubber material. MT260 edges are trimmed, so they won’t fray.
Mousepad Dimensions: 350 x 280 x 4mm.

For all players
It works with all types of sensors and all kinds of computer mice. The Mousepad ensures accurate cursor tracking, 
so it doesn't delay players reaction.

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