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Selfie stick Media Tech 5508K

Šifra: MT5508K
Maloprodajna cena: 1.499,00 rsd.
Akcijska cena: 1.199,00 rsd.
Popust: 300,00 rsd.

Telescopic selfie stick with trigger for taking pictures by a smartphone
Length: up to 81 cm
Only 19,8cm when it is folded 
7-segment durable aluminum arm 
Rotatable head 260°
Mounting bracket for smartphones (width 57-85mm) 
Trigger button implemented on the handle. 4 segment 3,5mm jack with cable. 
Wrist strap
Max. weight of mounted hardware: 500g
Weight: 128g
Compatible with most of A-branded smartphones with iOS 6.0 or higher and  Android 4.2.2 or higher (for more information visit our website)

Media-Tech presents the SELFIE STICK CABLE MT5508, perfectly suited for taking selfies and for taking pictures from higher perspectives.

The telescopic design allows for extending this SELFIE STICK to a  length of 81cm. When it is folded, then it has a length of only 19,8cm! The mounting bracket is adjustable, so it can fit to the most available smartphones with a width of 81mm.

 has a integrated trigger button, which takes pictures by the mounted smartphone. Thehandle has a ergonomical design and a wrist strap prevents a downfall of the mounted hardware. Using the SELFIE STICK is very simple, just put the smartphone in the mounting bracket, connect the mini jack cable with your smartphone and make yourself a selfie!SELFIE

 is designed for those who want to capture the most extreme moments of your life.

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