Kanalica VV 30/15 D-profil 2X1

Šifra: 26455
Maloprodajna cena: 1.999,00 rsd.
WebCena: 1.999,00 rsd.

    No more opening of walls
    Allows routing of cables at a later time
    Decorativ design
    Can be painted
    Can be easily routed, even in corners
    Routing of T connectors
    No bending and warping
    UV proof
    Protected against water jets and dust (no ingression of dust at a vacuum of 20 mmbar) acc. to IP65 standard
    Can be installed in bathroom, kitchen or outdoors
    Temperature range
    -33°C to +60°C
    -> Flameproof

Open back allows mounting over existing cables Adapter set 26459 (suits article 26455) consisting of:

    2x inner bends
    2x outer bends
    1x 90° bends
    2x end pieces
    2x T adapters
    1x extensions

color: white
Product type: cable trunk 

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