MKA Ketl ECG RK2020 Gr staklo

Šifra: RK2020GR
  • Proizvod iz grupe: Kuvala
  • Proizvođač: ECG
Maloprodajna cena: 3.299,00 rsd.
WebCena: 3.299,00 rsd.

Elegant plastic and stainless steel design in combination with tempered glass
Blue backlight
Tempered glass
Washable filter
Covered heating element
Light signalization
Boil dry protection
Auto switch-off mode : when turned on withouth water / when the boiling point is reached / when the is kettle removed form the base
Base with central connector
360° base with power cord storage
2 l capacity
Nominal voltage: 220–240 V~ 50–60 Hz
Nominal input power: 1850-2200 W

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